Woodland Banners

banner map

Banner Map from Fall 2011 (click to enlarge)

The Woodland Banners installation started out as a slightly tongue-in-cheek response to the fact that I’d run out of wall space for the art I was creating. We live in a small house, but we also live on 28 acres, much of it woods. So in 2006 I took a couple of my digital images and had them printed as large banners and hung them in the trees.

What I soon discovered was that the process of finding a tiny aspect of the land, blowing it up and returning it back to the landscape did wonderful things.

Unlike a classic gallery with its unchanging white walls, these outdoor works change all the time. There are the minute-to-minute changes as the sun moves over the woods casting shadows or providing a momentary spotlight. The shadows of leafy branches combined with a bit of wind can animate the image.
Even more interesting is what happens as the seasons change. An image of a green leaf is almost camouflaged in the summer, but stands out like a neon sign in winter. Red and yellow images recede in the fall when the leaves turn but provide bright splashes of color come spring and summer. Fog, rain, snow, spring blossoms, bare trees all create new shows to enjoy.

For me these works magnify the moment. They don’t ask you to think about someplace else, they let you think about where you are at the very instant you’re looking at them.

In the summer of 2011 I mounted a successful Kickstarter campaign to support Woodland Banners and now there are 30+ banners in what is becoming an outdoor museum.

Visitors are welcome by appointment. Please contact me. I hope to establish regular weekend visiting hours in the spring.


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