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This eBook is a copy of the paperback book “Woodland Banners Poetry Walk”, published by Bourbon, Dogs and Art in 2015. The book displays photographs of banners by Steven Durland, titled after legendary artists. Each banner is paired with a poem by Linda Frye Burnham, repurposing the actual words of those artists. The book was created in advance of the installation of the Poetry Walk, a stroll through the woods in Saxapahaw, North Carolina. The Poetry Walk will open in Fall 2015. The book and the poetry walk are being created as part of our successful Kickstarter campaign. Click here to learn more.

Book spread

Note: This PDF ebook can be read with any PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Apple’s Preview. It can also be imported into iBooks or Kindle. It is designed to look best when viewed as two-page spreads with the image on the left and the poem on the right. In most instances it should default to that display, but if your reader is only showing one page at a time (with the exception of the cover image) go to your VIEW option and select the “two page” option.

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Or you can order the paperback version of the book from Amazon using this link:
Woodland Banners Poetry Walk

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