Frog Pond Farm

We moved here in 1994 and named our place Frog Pond Farm after the very large, loud and diverse frog population in and around our small pond. Early June every year we have what we call “Frogapalooza.” Gerret wrote about it here.

  • fall
  • garden
  • cardinal
  • chickens
  • driveway
  • Dusty
  • eggs
  • free-ranging
  • frog pond
  • garden in spring
  • gerret, frog pond, yurt
  • hens on the rocks
  • moss garden
  • old fence
  • poetry walk with dogs
  • sign
  • woody spot
  • yurt-deck-hottub-pond
  • yurt
  • Global Warming
    Global Warming
  • main yurt
    main yurt
  • Home in Fall
    Home in Fall
  • Fawn in Woods
    Fawn in Woods
  • Late Afternoon Light
    Late Afternoon Light
  • Office
  • Maggie
  • Creek in Winter
    Creek in Winter
  • Big Yurt in Summer
    Big Yurt in Summer
  • Frog Pond in Spring
    Frog Pond in Spring
  • Summer Fog and the Garden
    Summer Fog and the Garden
  • The Big Giant Chair
    The Big Giant Chair
  • Rare Heavy Winter Storm
    Rare Heavy Winter Storm
  • Biltmore Meadow
    Biltmore Meadow
  • Moss Garden
    Moss Garden


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